Retail Marketing

Retail Marketing Samsung La Gavia

It is not just a strategy to sell more, the fundamental objective of retail marketing strategies is to create unique and memorable shopping experiences. These experiences will undoubtedly be key in the consumer’s purchasing decision. For this purpose, the aim is to generate a sensory impact on the client that appeals to him and helps him decide.


In this sense, we understand the importance of the role represented by the furniture with which we expose and present our products and services and the rest of the elements that make up the differentiating aspect of an establishment.

In Team Tools we have been designing, manufacturing and assembling commercial furniture for years, adapted to retail marketing strategies.


We carry out projects in all types of establishments (retail stores, shopping centers, shop in shop, large distributors, etc.) designing and manufacturing all kinds of items that are part of the commercial equipment (counters for stores, panels, shelves, display cases, showcases , gondolas and other furniture for trade).


We currently work with retail companies in the electronics and fashion sector, among others.


On this page you can find some of the work done by Team Tools for the retail sector.



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