TEAM TOOLS was founded in 2005, and was formed by a team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the sector. It was born with the vocation to offer specialized services of technical office, manufacturing and implementation to provide creative and constructive solutions in the trade fair sector, events and retail.

Our facilities of more than 5000 m2 are the meeting point of new technologies, which help us to innovate and optimize our production processes. We also have a team of more than 70 craftsmen who endow each piece with the best quality.

In the year 2013  TEAM TOOLS GROUP  has several associated companies, able to adapt to the needs of each project, thus increasing work efficiency and optimizing resources for full customer satisfaction

Our spirit is not only to do things, but to take care of how to do them, always looking for excellence in each phase of the manufacturing process.

TEAM TOOLS, S.L. is a company created with the aim of providing service within the commercial furniture sector, exhibitions, fairs and events in everything related to the design, production and assembly of companies framed in these sectors covering all the necessary phases from start to finish of the project.
TEAM TOOLS, S.L.  aims to be a reference company within the furniture sector in all its fields, always looking for continuous innovation and the application of the latest technologies for the development of its projects.

·  Adaptation of the client’s needs.

·  Excellence in the development of projects

·  Social and environmental responsibility.

·  Promote the development of people.

·  Develop R + D + I activities to improve the service to our customers.

·  Honesty and transparency in the activities we carry out.

·  Ethical business conduct.


TEAM TOOLS GROUP bases its success on the trust of its members. It develops proposals that arise from direct dialogue between the client and the producer, where everyone offers their skills and knowledge. A work system that allows precise and innovative results.

TEAM TOOLS GROUP provides solutions in the areas of fair marketing (product launches, press conferences, fairs …), marketing experience (events, special actions, road show …), retail marketing (furniture, brand environment, shop in shop ….) and everything related to the brand exhibition strategy.

TEAM TOOLS GROUP is a company able to provide highly competitive design, construction and logistics.

The key to TEAM TOOLS GROUP’s strategy is that all trades ” live under the same roof ” and share common objectives, offering customers quick and easy communication with all departments.

    • Industrial Developments
    • CNC programming
    • Planimetry
    • Constructive Solutions


    • Creative Solution
    • Innovation
    • Ephemeral Space
    • Interior design


    • Key on hand
    • Updates
    • Management with Commercial Operators
    • Project management
    • National and International Implementations


    • Carpentry
    • Metalwork
    • Plastics
    • Electricity
    • Lacquer
    • Signs
    • PLV
    • New Technologies


    • Product Warehouse
    • National and International Distribution
    • Route Management
    • Implementation Management


    • Preventive Maintenace
    • Speed ​​and Flexibility
    • Point of Sale Conservation



TEAM TOOLS GROUP is committed to the quality of the service in order to guarantee the maximum satisfaction of our clients.
TEAM TOOLS GROUP has an Integrated Quality Management System based on the UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015 standard. From this hand, the Management of TEAM TOOLS GROUP undertakes to comply with the following values ​​and commitments:

1.    Continuously improve the efficiency of the processes through the Integrated Quality Management System of the organization and its control.

2.    Focus the performance of the Management to ensure continuous improvement, updating our internal processes and codes of good practices.

3.    Comply with the requirements of the client, legal and regulatory obligations and those established internally.

4.    Promote a culture in the organization that allows anticipating the needs of our customers, with the aim of exceeding their expectations.

5.    Encourage the participation of workers and their personal and professional development.

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